Monday, January 8, 2018

2018 resolutions

We're not making new years resolutions. Don't get me wrong, we still have goals for this month that you can read below. But you will not find any resolutions here.

In 2017 God gave me more of a noise than a word to declare over my year. It was a mix between "whew," "ugh," or "pow." I think God knew I needed more than a word that year and more of a battle cry. 2017 challenged us as a family to use our voices to declare healing, blessing, freedom, and more faith.
As Fabian and I look back at 2017 we obviously think about our biggest blessing, our son Jax. God picked the perfect time for us to start a family and our precious Jax was born in June shortly after we celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

Something else that was quite a journey for us was the search for our first home together. I think we looked at over 30 houses and almost gave up until we found the perfect home for us make our own. Our new house has become our home and we love it.
The overwhelming theme of 2017 for the Vera family was God showing up and shifting our plans and turning them into  His plans for us. Last year there were so many different ways He showed up in our lives and it's funny to say now, "oh... so that's why that happened." God knows how everything is supposed to come together and He likes to challenge us as we walk through each season. He definitely did that for our family in 2017. Because 2017 was a challenge.

We had a very rocky start to 2018 but as we tackle this second week we're going to keep in mind that God already knows the outcome and knows the why behind every moment. It's a hard reminder, but somehow it brings a sense of peace to know that God is the ultimate planner and He has our best interest in mind with every little season of life.
Our January goal can be summed up in one word. Health.
We're striving for health and healing in both of our bodies, souls, and minds this month.

-Fabian, Bee, & Jax

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Twas the Night before Christmas & the flu test was positive

Our first Christmas as a family of three looked quite different than we all expected. Some how Fabian came down hard with the flu and spent most of Christmas in our bedroom. His fever got up to 102.6 and he wasn't able to keep any food down or speak louder than a whisper. We ended up at two different clinics getting him meds and tests for strep and the flu. Thankfully he was able to come out and open presents with my family on Christmas morning. We still have yet to celebrate Christmas with his side of the family. Hopefully that will happen this week.
Our Pastor reminded me that he didn't say "in sickness and in health" during our vows but he said, "in every season." Well, the flu season is included in that statement. This past weekend showed me how much more grace I need and also how grateful I am for our families that were able to help. Jax did so great as we gracefully walked through each eventful moment of the weekend. Thankfully him and I have stayed flu free. Praise God for Lysol wipes.

Christmas break didn't go as we planned but we're together as a family and were able to create memories. We started a new tradition, Christmas Brunch at our home with my family. I cooked up a pinterest worthy skillet, cinnamon rolls, and my mom brought the tamales and fruit.
My brother even flew down from Michigan to spend the week with us. That was his present from my parents. I am always excited to see him anytime he gets a chance to come to Texas. Jax is still trying to warm up to him but little by little their personalities are starting to mesh.
Despite sickness coming to try and ruin our weekend we said, "not today Satan" and carried on! Enjoy some moments that we captured during our Christmas! Thankfully as I write this Fabian is feeling much better. That big fuzzy blanket I got him for Christmas came in handy this weekend.
We hope that you had a great Christmas filled with memories!
-F & B and Jax

Monday, December 18, 2017

Six month old baby Jax

Halfway to a year old? We cannot believe that six months ago Jax was born? These past 6 months have been filled with a lot of change for our family but having Jax along for the ride has been the best. Now that he is getting older his personality is definitely coming out and it's hilarious. He responds to Nacho Libre quotes and finds the simplest things giggle worthy. He will also rotate himself 360 degrees in 2 seconds flat. This boy is fast and very curious about everything.  
This past month Jax has begun to recognize the family in his life and has started reaching out to Mama and Papi and even friends at church that reach their hands out to him. Along with recognizing faces he has also developed a little stranger anxiety and will do a quick glance back at Fabian or myself to reassure him that he is ok. He has been hearing and responding to more Spanish lately. We have been doing our best to give him a good balance of both languages. He also knows the signs for 'leche', 'eat', and 'all done'. We're working on adding 'diaper change' and 'more' into the mix this next month. 
He has tried carrots, sweet potatoes, and a strawberry/apple mixture. He really could care less about them. He just wants the leche. Also, right before he turned 5 months I decided to stop breastfeeding. It was hard and I had a couple moments of tears but my body wasn't producing any more milk. For me it was perfect timing because he wasn't super attached to me and weaning him off was easy to do. Also, I think it was really stressing me out and that stress along with dieting had a big affect on my milk.  
He is rolling over both ways but still prefers to be on his belly most of the time. He rolls over so quickly and if he rolls from belly to back he scares himself a little bit. Another thing that we have been dealing with was little night terrors. He has had three moments during the night where he will wake up crying shortly after I put him down to sleep. You know as parents you can start to tell the difference with your children's cries? Well this one is different. It tears our hearts apart. He will scream and cry for about 10 minutes and then settle back down and sleep through the night.
We've been doing a little experimenting because we weren't too sure if they were actually night terrors or possible acid reflux or some trapped gas? A friend suggested burping him a little longer before laying him down at night to make sure that all the gas was out. It seems to be helping and so far we haven't had any other issues with it. We also went to war in his bedroom and our house. We prayed against anything that may be trying to sneak it's way into our home. That's our greatest weapon. 
We are so excited for Christmas and to share this time with our family and friends. Jax is at such a perfect age right now to be out and about during the Holidays. We may not be able to stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve but we'll get as close as we can. 
-F & B

Thursday, December 14, 2017

TeriAna & Christian Gallary with baby Sebastian

I have watched TeriAna grow up right before my eyes. I am so proud of the woman she has become and have been blessed to watch her become a mama. We ventured to downtown Fort Worth and brought along her son Sebastian and her boyfriend Christian to capture some memories. As we strolled the streets I learned more about their love story and how he slid into her DM's and made himself known. Their budding romance continued in their days at school and into the present where they are both working hard to save for the future. Maybe we'll see a engagement photo soon? For now enjoy a little preview of this adorable family.  

Contact HERE for availability

Friday, December 8, 2017

So you got booty hurt...

I guess you can call Fabian and I still newlyweds. We've been married for a year and a half but it's felt like so much longer (in a good way)! Weekly we're finding ourselves working through issues, most of the time they are individual issues that end up impacting us as a couple. I thought I would share with y'all one issue I am working through on. Daily.

The booty hurt.

Unfamiliar with that term? So was I until my husband so graciously taught me that phrase. According to Urban Dictionary a 'booty hurt' is when... something doesn't go your way or you don't have something that you want or it's something that makes you complain.

What a very accurate description.
So let's talk about this shall we? When something doesn't go my way it's because in my head I have planned out almost every scenario in life. I think there is a fine line between preparation and planning and I walk into the danger zone of over planning. When something doesn't go the way I planned it... BOOTY HURT. Or how about the classic scenario when you're trying to pick a restaurant to eat at? In reality I should realized how blessed I am to even have the option of multiple restaurants but instead I end up complaining because whoever you're with you can never come up with an answer and suggestions always get shot down... BOOTY HURT.

In my head here is what the booty hurt is saying,
"Ugh, I went to all this effort to plan something out so perfectly."
"Why can't you see how much I am doing to get this family to operate successfully?"
"So obviously, you don't even care."
"Why even ask me in the first place?"
"I might as well not even say anything."

The booty hurt can be so destructive. It's a selfish hurt that gives no grace or love for others involved and it destroys unity real fast! In this case it's my amazing husband that is affected by the booty hurt selfish destruction I ultimately bring upon myself.

I have been challenging myself to quickly identify these moments because real talk... I can stay silent and sit in my booty hurt mood for a while. Like we're talking days. And I know this because I have done it. When I identify a booty hurt I ask myself two questions,
1. Why am I upset?
2. Is this really a big deal or can I ignore it?

The next step is to always communicate to Fabian if something is really bothering me in that moment, and not wait to let him know. Otherwise... BIG booty hurt. We will work towards a solution together as quickly as possible. I think if you look at all the relationships in your life you could find some scenarios where you get booty hurt or may still be sitting in your booty hurt. I want to hear them! Tell me your booty hurt moments. Let's all work on them together!


Monday, December 4, 2017

Just in Time for the Holidays with Jord

This post contains affiliate links. Opinions are my own.
The first Christmas Fabian and I spent together I had no clue what to get him for a present. We had only been dating for a few months and I still had so much to learn about him. I was an observant girlfriend though and found out quickly what his style was and what he liked to wear. I found myself buying him a watch that holiday and two years later I have added a few more watches to his collection. I think a watch is such a great accessory for anyone and you can never have too many. My husband also taught me the importance of having a watch that works and is well taken care of. He even made us a place for our watches to be stored in our bedroom!
I was sent the stacked sandalwood & olive with ivory wood watch from JORD  to review and gift to someone special for the holiday season. It's a new watch that is a part of their Hyde series. The minimal and classic style is the perfect accessory for any outfit, whether it's for work or the weekend.

I love how beautiful the JORD packaging is with each of their watches. Each watch comes in a wooden box, which maintains the perfect humidity level for your wood watch while it's not on your wrist. It also has a faceplate made of sapphire crystal glass, which my husband also taught me it is so hard to scratch this type of glass. If you're wearing your watch every day you need to look for this higher end feature! This may not be the best watch to wear during a Texas summer because of the extreme heat but for right now it is perfect. I am excited to see it be gifted this Christmas and I have no doubt that they will love it!
I am excited too because the awesome team at JORD is giving y'all your unique code for 25% off their wood watches. (Code ends on Dec 15, 2017) I know there is someone on your Christmas list that would love one of these, maybe it's even you. Go ahead and ENTER HERE to be emailed your code. Check out each line of men's and women's watches and pick the perfect watch for yourself or someone else. Let me know in the comments which watch is your favorite!


Friday, December 1, 2017

It's December already?

The last month of the year is always more important to me than the first month of the year. Yes, it's important to start strong but I think that sometimes the starting in life is easy. Yes, I started a new diet today but will I continue until I reach my goal? Will I finish strong? That's kind of how I feel about December. I want to finish 2017 on a high and continue it into the next year.

Ok, enough motivation talk.

This last month was pretty life changing for The Veras! We closed on our first home! It was a long process but it was totally worth it. We quickly started making it our own by painting and re-doing some things in the kitchen. It looks so different now and is totally more our style. We took about 3 weeks to make it our own and are excited to move in!
Also, my brother came down from Michigan for Thanksgiving! The last time he was in Texas was when Jax was born in June. We all missed him very much but no one missed him as much as my mom. If you caught my instastory when we picked him up at the airport you'll remember she was pretty emotional. She kept telling me, "you'll understand one day when Jax is away from you."

My brother and I are pretty close despite having totally different personalities and living a thousand miles away from each other. Nate loved getting to see Jax. He also quickly learned that he scares pretty easily when he let out a giant sneeze in the car and Jax started crying. I see a little bit of my brother in Jax, Nate also has the dimple in his chin. They both are little goobers together that's for sure.
When my brother knew he was coming down he asked if Fabian and I could take him to Austin. I planned a two day trip for us as we coordinated with Glamma to have her watch Jax. It was our first trip without our baby and it was pretty great. It was weird to not have a baby on my hip or to be travelling with so much stuff! I thought that I would have some anxiety being away from him but Fabian and I both knew that he was in great hands. It was nice to recharge and have that time together. We explored some of our favorite spots in Austin as well as new ones. Nate had a good time and said he wanted to come back. He's a videographer and a creative weirdo, Austin is the perfect spot for him. Of course we had to make a pit stop at Magnolia Market on the way to ensure that Nate got the full experience.
As far as our family goals for this month, we just have one main goal. Make our house a home.
We're excited to make each room feel and look like us. To finally have space to invite friends and family over without feeling cramped. To get Jax out of the hallway he has been sleeping in and give him an actual bedroom. And we can't wait to host our first Christmas brunch! Let's finish 2017 strong! 
Happy December!
- F & B and Jax