Thursday, September 21, 2017

Our 3 Month Old Baby

The developmental leaps that our Jax has made in the past month makes me feel like time is going by too fast. Y'all we have a 3 month old! He has been changing into this perfect mix of Fabian and I. There are moments when he looks so much like his dad, an expressive face with slicked back hair. Then there are times when he looks just like my twin, with his quick moving eyebrows and round little cheeks.  
He is developing his personality and it's so evident that we are going to have our hands full as he gets bigger. This boy is active! He will sit and sing along with us and is so gracious when we forget the words to songs. We've been working our way through, Jesus loves me and I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy. I even learned to sing them in Spanish for him. I love hearing his little coos. He responds to voices and smiles with the cutest toothless drooly grin. He is trying to figure out how to suck his thumb but hasn't quite gotten the hang of it. His hair continues to be one of his greatest features. And he is giving us more belly giggles too which are seriously the best!
He surprised us last week by showing us he can roll over! He is not super consistent with it yet but give the boy something to push off of and watch him flip! Since he was already sleeping through the night I wanted to tweak his bedtime just a little bit to allow more solid nighttime sleep. He gets up at 6 with me in the morning before I head to work. I once again kept paying attention to his queues and was able to adjust it by an hour after slowly moving it up for two weeks. He naturally fell into his new little pattern and gives us a longer stretch of nighttime sleep. Seriously, this child is such a reflection of his parents. Sleep at our house is a must!
This past month it has become easier to bring him out and about for longer periods of time. Outdoor walks, weekend errands, and time with family have been such a joy to share with our osito. He is getting too big too fast and we love every second of it.

Is it too early for him to say, "mama" yet?


Thursday, September 14, 2017

I just really like you!

Exactly 3 years ago I confessed my feelings to a guy that I just recently met and was hanging out with 24/7. My friends called him Diesel because of his truck. After hanging out almost every day for 2 weeks I really needed to know what we were doing. So I decided to ask him out one Sunday afternoon for a Steel City Pop. I wasn't going to let my heart fall for someone that wasn't willing to catch it.
We had somewhat of a backwards evening. We went for dessert first and ended up walking to another restaurant for some tacos. While "hanging out" we talked about the first time we met and how odd it was that I just showed up in his life. The whole time I was thinking, "God please let him start the "define the relationship" conversation." By the time we were walking back to the truck we still hadn't had the "conversation." I was getting anxious and kept praying in my head for him to start it. Finally he asked me, "¿Por qué no tiene un novio?" My Spanish wasn't that great but I knew what he was asking. Not only did I not have a current boyfriend but this 27 year old woman had never had a boyfriend. I answered him with a fluffy excuse, "Oh well...the church didn't let me date," (which was true). Finally he got me to give him the real answer, "I never found anyone that was good enough."

You would think that would've started the "define the relationship" convo but still no. It was delayed for another good 20 minutes. By this time we arrived at the truck. I sat down putting my seatbelt on and feeling like a giant ball of anxiousness, frustration, and excitement. I knew I just needed to tell him how I was feeling.

As we continued to drive back to my home there was a shift in our conversation and all I remember saying was, "I just really like you!" So picture me, feet up on the dash and throwing my hands up like a middle schooler confessing my feelings to my crush. Yea. That was me. He looked at me and said, "Good, cause I really like you too and I've been paying for everything this whole time." We both laughed and then proceeded to have another 3 hour conversation about what our intentions were while we dated one another. Our night ended and this boyfriend-less 27 year old was now dating.

Don't drop your standards and don't allow your heart to fall to someone that is not willing to catch it. Be intentional and date with a purpose. Continue to speak from your heart no matter how long you have been in your relationship. And if your feelings and words come out in a burst of middle school like emotions that's ok. Get them out.


Friday, September 1, 2017

It's September! [Vera Family Goals]

It's here! A new month! Every time we hit a new month it seems to take me by surprise. Summer is coming to an end and here in Texas that means, the chain of 100 degree days has been broken. The weather is becoming tolerable which will allow us to go for evening walks as a family. I feel like the past three months have been a whirlwind. Things at home have continued to run smoothly however both my husband and I know that it can be better. Our teamwork can be better as husband and wife and also as papi and mama.
So since we are starting a new month we wanted to set some goals for us. Personal goals and family goals. We went out last night to a new spot for dinner and talked about our goals for this month. Reconnecting during a busy week is so important for us and what better than to reconnect over some good barbeque from Heim? I know Jax doesn't look too thrilled to be third wheel on his parent's date night but he really was excited. Probably a little jealous too that he couldn't eat the brisket yet.
We want to encourage you to make some goals for yourself this month. Take a look at your life and pick a couple things that you're passionate about and really go for it this month. Pick an area that you need improvement and commit to making it better. Whatever your goal is, remember the cliché statement... no goal is too big or too small! Commit to achieving them, celebrate when you do, and go ahead and ride the motivation into the next month and set some different ones. Here's a peak into our goals for this month.

Family Goals
Manage our finances better.
Find a house.
Pack our lunches during the work week.

Fabian's Goals
Stop drinking Coke.
Read more to Jax.
Take my wifey out on dates.

Bee's Goals
Complete a Whole30 (for real this time).
Stop saying, "No, it's ok."
Speak more Spanish.

What are you goals? Share them with us!
-F & B and Jax

Monday, August 21, 2017

New Season. New Day

I once heard Khloe Kardashian say, "you make a plan and then God laughs at it." Obviously that quote didn't originate with her but there is some truth to that statement. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think God is laughing at us because our plans are horrible. I think God sometimes may chuckle because He knows that His plan is way better than what we think we can do on our own.
With all that being said, my maternity leave has come to an end and God has told me to head back to my job. Let me be the first to tell you that I did not see this curveball coming. This was not the plan. Not my plan at all. This is the part where God is probably laughing because He knows the end goal of His plan. He knows that it's a real stretch of my faith to trust Him because my true desire is to be home raising our little Jax.
When I look back at all the different seasons of my life and all the plans that I thought were perfect, I am realizing that God pretty much took things into His own hands. He reworked what I thought was a flawless plan and rocked my world with something even better.

So on this Monday as I am entering my office again, sipping my coffee from my Mom mug, I am going to remember that I am a Mom who is following God's plan for her family. That this once again, is a new season. I am going to remember that God already knows the reason, the purpose, and the why behind this plan. I am excited for the moment when my family will look back on this season and say, "God knew it all along."


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Two Months!

As each month of our son's life passes we learn more and more about him and about each other. Jax is now successfully sleeping 7.5 hours through the night! We have been doing some sleep training with him and it's totally paying off. He wakes up so much happier and also has longer stretches of play between each nap. He is a night owl like his parents and likes to party with us until 11 or so before knocking out for the night.
This month was full of family! Jax was able to party until midnight and celebrate his tía Jenni's quinceanera while meeting members of his extended family that came into town for the party. This boy has no idea how loved he is by all his family members. 
Jax loves to stare at the ceiling fan and chilling on his changing table while dad sings to him in Spanish. Our osito has become more vocal and has a cute little sing song voice. He is smiling more and responding to our voices. He's also figured out that he has hands! It's the cutest thing watching him stare at his hands and try and figure out how his fingers work. He has started grabbing onto some of his toys on his playmat. He's almost fully transitioned into 3-6 mth clothes and will leave some 0-3 mth unworn outfits behind. 
Seeing him grow up right before our very eyes is the best! I think every month we watch him grow we become even stronger as husband and wife. Jax, you are making us the best parents that we can be for you! 

-F & B

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

5 Mama Life Hacks

Yesterday was one of those Monday's that nothing got done at my home. However, the reason nothing got done at my home was because my husband took the day off and we spent it together as a family. I loved yesterday but the mama in me wanted to get the laundry done, finish my grocery list, and for the love of all things holy...take out the garbage that was stinking up the kitchen.
When Amanda from allthatsdarling tagged me on instagram to share my #mumlifehacks I thought how perfect! I am a new mom (7 weeks and 3 days to be exact) so my mama hacks are still under construction. But, yesterday I was able to put one of them to the test.

1. Family over everything, and that includes the laundry. 
What doesn't get done today will get done tomorrow. We've all left a load of laundry in the washer, dirty dishes in the sink, and gotten McDonalds because we still haven't gotten groceries. It's ok, your family functions better when you're connecting and spending quality time with one another.
2. Say yes to the help.
Whether it's your baby daddy, grandparents, or a grocery store employee. Say yes to the help. I am learning this even with my husband, it's like I want to be this super mom who does it all. Obviously I have a pride issue that is still being worked on. But when he says, "I got it love." I need to let him. When someone offers to load up my groceries, I need to let them.
3. Your life is great but it's not just about you.
Conversations when you have a newborn can be very self centered. I've been consciously reminding myself in conversations to really make the other person the focus. Turn it back on them and remember their life is just as cool (if not more) than mine. I need to ask them about it!
4. Your crockpot is your bestie! 
I've been letting my crockpot cook my dinner one night a week. Not only does it make my husband think I've been slaving away in the kitchen all day because our house smells amazing but it saves me mucho time! 
5. Celebrate your success.
Sometimes as a mama you feel like you're doing nothing right. Take the time to celebrate your success. Whether it's a conversation with your baby daddy talking about how your teamwork was awesome that day or arriving to an event clean and on time. (looking passed the fact that only one hand has nail polish on it because you didn't have time to paint your other nails.) Celebrate the fact that your a mom and you're killing it! 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

5 Lipstick Must Haves [National Lipstick Day]

In honor of National Lipstick Day (yes, there should be a day dedicated to lipstick) I thought I would give you my 5 lipstick must haves to throw in your purse, wristlet, or diaper bag that come straight from my collection.
I believe a good lipstick shade can really pull your look together, make you feel confident, and can make your smile shine even brighter! I don't claim to know all the greatest shades out there, I just know what I like. These are my most worn, most repurchased, and best bang for your buck lipstick shades.
1. Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in Nude Thrill: $7.99
2. Mac Stain Lipstick in Brave: $17
4. Milani Color Statement Lipstick in 26 Nude Creme: $4.99
5. Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick in Nice to Fuchsia: $4.99
[click the links to add them to your collection]