Monday, November 6, 2017

Stories from Fatherhood Pt. 1

There are lots of daily moments that make me stop and think about this whole thing called Parenthood. Moments when I realize how much my life has changed and how I wouldn't give it up for anything.
I was mediating the other day when Jax was having a hard time with his poop. I just kind of sat there and was worried about him. And to be honest I was a little bit scared. It made me realize how a year ago and even four years ago I would never think pooping would be something that would become so important. Or that I would be so concerned about someone else's poop. Or even talk about poop so much. But there I was praying that God would let my son poop.
Priorities change when your world is changed. You suddenly care so much for someone who has been a part of your life for such a short period of time. Every little thing about them means the world to you. Even a little thing like poop. 

That's it. 

P.S. Jax pooped later that day and it made me happy.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November Monthly Calendar [Vera Family Goals]

We put another month behind us and October for the Vera family was full of growth, hard conversations, change, and basically a lot of adulting. We watched our son roll over for the first time and heard him make noises that really sounded like words. We also saw him take his first spoonful of solids, which he loved! Our relationship and marriage took growth steps that were necessary. Hard. But necessary. 

This past month we also made a very adult step towards our future (stay tuned). We're excited to enter into November! Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays as a couple and we can't wait to celebrate it as a family. Being surrounded by tons of family is always so much fun for us and this month is going to be jam packed with family. Including Tio Nate, from Michigan!
Before we roll into our November goals, let's take a peek at our October Goals and see how we did. We hit 2/3 of our family goals, my husband hit all of his goals and is really inspiring me to succeeded at what I say I want to do. I have seen him reading his devotionals and we've had great conversations around what God is speaking to him. I've also watched him continue to make healthy decisions when it comes to eating. I personally think he looks slimmer.
I hit most of my goals but know I could've don't better. I went running twice, which is 2 times more than I ran in September. I practiced and educated myself more about photography and even attended a few webinars to improve my skills. I read my devotional but not daily. I know it needs to be something that I do first thing in the morning every day. This goal is going to roll over into November for me until it becomes a habit. I am still working to lose this extra baby weight but also understand that it comes with time and daily choices of better eating and staying active. I am not going to commit myself to another Whole30 this month but will continue to make the right choices daily to reach my weight loss goals.
What did you achieve in October? What is your goal for November?

Here's what we plan to do...

Family Goals
Move into our new home!
Eat at home more (especially on the weekends)
Walk outside

Fabian's Goals
"Can I just say, be a better man?"
Exercise more

Bee's Goals
Workout in the morning
Cook something new each week
Read my devotional first thing in the morning.

-F, Bee, & Jax
(written by: Bee)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

We have a four month old!

Thinking about parenthood sometimes all you can do is go one day at a time. Well one day at a time has gotten us to 129 days! That's right, I can't even believe that Jax is four months old! He weighs 17.5lbs and is 26.75 inches long (we will just say 27 though). I think he is going to be tall like his Papi and Tio Nate! He is stretching his way out of his 3-6 month clothes and into his 6-9 month fall outfits!
This past month of development has been exciting to watch. As his eyes follow us around the room he is becoming so much more observant of his surroundings. He loves to talk, laugh, and sing along to Papi playing the guitar. Of course if you smile at him he will smile right back! We've found some tickle spots and have also realized that if you quote Nacho Libre to him he will crack up. This was our go to movie while I was pregnant and let's face it, it's still our go to movie. This month his personality has been coming out and we're seeing different sides to his temperament. He is social like his Papi but when surround by a lot of people he tends to just observe like his Mama. He is such a great mix of both Fabian and I.
We took Jax on his first little road trip last month to Waco. It's only an hour and a half drive but that's the longest stretch he has gone in his car seat. He did great! Our little trip was so encouraging because we know there are more road trips in the future for this family.

As Jax rolls into this next month there is a lot in store for him including, transitioning into his own room! We're excited to be entering into Fall and the holidays. It's going to be so cool to now share our traditions with our son. We will continue to show him the importance of faith, family, and Nacho Libre.

-F & B

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

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From newlywed to preggo to post partum, my smile has undergone a transformation. During my pregnancy I gained a lot of weight in my face and my smile seemed to have gotten lost. Now a little over 3 months post partum I finally feel like I am getting my grin back but I know it could be better.

Of course I am a coffee drinker, like most mamas out there I have coffee stains on my teeth. My stains are something that I thought I needed to live with, they didn't make me feel insecure but I definitely was aware of them. I had tried a couple at home whitening products that gave me no visible results and also made my sensitive teeth hurt so badly I never finished the whitening session.
When Smile Brilliant reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their product, I began to get excited at the prospect of getting help with my grin. I quickly did my research by browsing through their website and instagram for real life reviews. I would have whitening trays of my teeth made and a dentist grade whitening service without actually visiting the dentist? You can't put a price on convenience and quality, well maybe you can. It's less than $200!

"Let's get this process started!" After I answered a few questions about my dental history I had a Smile Brilliant box delivered to my door two days later. I read through the instructions and started to make my molds, I was anxious to get them back and start the whitening process. Once the molds were solid and dry I sent them back to Smile Brilliant in the provided envelope. I received my custom whitening trays about a week later and started whitening. The entire process was simple, fast and very user-friendly. I read the instructions once and I was good to go!
#WhileIWhiten I have done house work, showered, laid on the couch and played candy crush until my son has woken up from his nap. One evening we went for a walk as a family and halfway through the walk I asked my husband if he could tell I was whitening my teeth and he had no clue! The whitening trays were barely visible and also didn't affect my speech so I was still able to have conversations while I whitened.
I whitened my teeth every night before bed for 21 days and saw my smile becoming whiter with every use. I have sensitive teeth like I mentioned before and that is a concern for me with any whitening products. Smile Brilliant has an awesome desensitizing gel you can use after whitening. I had zero sensitivity what so ever and was so impressed.
This mama's smile is back! I ended up really loving this product and totally recommend it to anyone looking for some serious whitening results without the sensitivity. I've already mentioned it to friends and co workers who have noticed my sparkling grin. Of course these opinions are my own and trust me, I would not recommend something to you if I didn't love it myself. Scroll down a little further to see my before and after!
Here's a good resource to read before thinking about getting your own Smile Brilliant kit, 7 things to know before buying teeth whitening. If reading isn't your thing go ahead and click here to watch their review video.
Okay now... it's your turn to get your smile back!
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Monday, October 2, 2017

Oh Hey October [Vera Family Goals]

Hello October! Before we get into our Vera Family goals for this month let's do a quick check in to see how last month went. Just as a reminder, quick go check out our September goals.

I don't know if we set ourselves up for a really big month or not but between searching for a home, both working full time, and having an infant, our September was tough. We didn't go on a date. The house we found royally failed the home inspection so we walked away from it. Let's also add that mama was doing a Whole30 (no sugar...) so my moods were a roller coaster.
Needless to say, I went 24 days on my Whole30 and broke it with a cheeseburger. I stopped saying, "no it's ok" and allowed others to actually help me but it didn't last long, maybe 2 weeks. I don't know if I want to control things or I just feel bad having to ask for help? I think my Spanish speaking was better, not sure. Ask my husband about that one.

I will say that I am so proud of my husband. He really did great with his goals this past month. He took time to read our little children's bible to Jax each night. I also did not see my husband drink one Coke during September. We made it a team goal to continue to cook and shop healthy and we both lost weight last month!
I've been enjoying talking with my husband about our short term goals so as we've entered into another month we wanted to challenge ourselves again to make some goals. Without any goals I feel like we live day to day. We wanted to put more purpose and intention into our days and our time together as a family and as husband and wife. So here's what we intend to do this month!

Family Goals
Get tattoos (more to come...)
Find a house, for real this time!
Put our phones away when we're together as a family.

Fabian's Goals
Grow closer to God through daily devotionals.
Continue healthy eating and living.

Bee's Goals
Read my devotional every day.
Start running again.
Practice photography more.

Do you have any goals for this month? Share them with us?

-F & B and Jax

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Our 3 Month Old Baby

The developmental leaps that our Jax has made in the past month makes me feel like time is going by too fast. Y'all we have a 3 month old! He has been changing into this perfect mix of Fabian and I. There are moments when he looks so much like his dad, an expressive face with slicked back hair. Then there are times when he looks just like my twin, with his quick moving eyebrows and round little cheeks.  
He is developing his personality and it's so evident that we are going to have our hands full as he gets bigger. This boy is active! He will sit and sing along with us and is so gracious when we forget the words to songs. We've been working our way through, Jesus loves me and I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy. I even learned to sing them in Spanish for him. I love hearing his little coos. He responds to voices and smiles with the cutest toothless drooly grin. He is trying to figure out how to suck his thumb but hasn't quite gotten the hang of it. His hair continues to be one of his greatest features. And he is giving us more belly giggles too which are seriously the best!
He surprised us last week by showing us he can roll over! He is not super consistent with it yet but give the boy something to push off of and watch him flip! Since he was already sleeping through the night I wanted to tweak his bedtime just a little bit to allow more solid nighttime sleep. He gets up at 6 with me in the morning before I head to work. I once again kept paying attention to his queues and was able to adjust it by an hour after slowly moving it up for two weeks. He naturally fell into his new little pattern and gives us a longer stretch of nighttime sleep. Seriously, this child is such a reflection of his parents. Sleep at our house is a must!
This past month it has become easier to bring him out and about for longer periods of time. Outdoor walks, weekend errands, and time with family have been such a joy to share with our osito. He is getting too big too fast and we love every second of it.

Is it too early for him to say, "mama" yet?


Thursday, September 14, 2017

I just really like you!

Exactly 3 years ago I confessed my feelings to a guy that I just recently met and was hanging out with 24/7. My friends called him Diesel because of his truck. After hanging out almost every day for 2 weeks I really needed to know what we were doing. So I decided to ask him out one Sunday afternoon for a Steel City Pop. I wasn't going to let my heart fall for someone that wasn't willing to catch it.
We had somewhat of a backwards evening. We went for dessert first and ended up walking to another restaurant for some tacos. While "hanging out" we talked about the first time we met and how odd it was that I just showed up in his life. The whole time I was thinking, "God please let him start the "define the relationship" conversation." By the time we were walking back to the truck we still hadn't had the "conversation." I was getting anxious and kept praying in my head for him to start it. Finally he asked me, "¿Por qué no tiene un novio?" My Spanish wasn't that great but I knew what he was asking. Not only did I not have a current boyfriend but this 27 year old woman had never had a boyfriend. I answered him with a fluffy excuse, "Oh well...the church didn't let me date," (which was true). Finally he got me to give him the real answer, "I never found anyone that was good enough."

You would think that would've started the "define the relationship" convo but still no. It was delayed for another good 20 minutes. By this time we arrived at the truck. I sat down putting my seatbelt on and feeling like a giant ball of anxiousness, frustration, and excitement. I knew I just needed to tell him how I was feeling.

As we continued to drive back to my home there was a shift in our conversation and all I remember saying was, "I just really like you!" So picture me, feet up on the dash and throwing my hands up like a middle schooler confessing my feelings to my crush. Yea. That was me. He looked at me and said, "Good, cause I really like you too and I've been paying for everything this whole time." We both laughed and then proceeded to have another 3 hour conversation about what our intentions were while we dated one another. Our night ended and this boyfriend-less 27 year old was now dating.

Don't drop your standards and don't allow your heart to fall to someone that is not willing to catch it. Be intentional and date with a purpose. Continue to speak from your heart no matter how long you have been in your relationship. And if your feelings and words come out in a burst of middle school like emotions that's ok. Get them out.