Tuesday, July 18, 2017

One Month!

It has been one month since our little Jax was born. Everyone always says that time goes by fast when you have a little one, and that is so true. My husband and I have learned a lot about our son and the value of teamwork in a marriage over the past month.
Jax has still kept all of his hair that he was born with and grew so much more over the past weeks. He loves grasping your fingers when you feed him. He will give you flirty little smiles as he is falling asleep. Those little smiles help to remind us how much we love him when we're up at 3am feeding him. Thankfully we haven't had any sleepless nights, Jax is an excellent sleeper! He still doesn't quite enjoy his baths but loves the towel snuggle at the end. 
Having a newborn is definitely a different lifestyle. Life is less spontaneous. You can't just decide last minute that you want to go to the movies. We've learned that magical love that is like no other. Our love for each other as husband and wife is different than the love that we feel for our Jax. Fabian and I both have learned a new level of patience. Patience with each other and patience while we still learn our sons cries and queues. Our teamwork isn't perfect but we're making it better day by day. I've learned that I need to be less stubborn and when someone offers to help, accept their help. I've also learned to conquer my fear of breastfeeding in public the moment my sons cries started echoing through the isles of Hobby Lobby.
Our lives have changed for the better and we wouldn't have it any other way. Happy 1 month Jax!


Friday, June 30, 2017

6.17.17: Now a family of 3!

Friday, June 16 I was at my lowest point in pregnancy. I was so large and so uncomfortable. I was 39 weeks +4 days and so amazed that I was still pregnant! I had been on maternity leave for 2 weeks already and needed to get out of the house, so I decided to treat my swollen feet to a foot massage. I had tried everything else to help the labor process begin except a foot massage so I figured it wouldn't hurt. I left the massage relaxed but still feeling like this baby needed to come out so I called my mom on the way back home and broke down sobbing. "I just want this baby out now!" After pulling over and getting myself in control my mom was able to talk me out of calling my doctor to have her induce me. I went home, laid in bed, and put Iron Man on with every intention to fall asleep. 
My husband came home early from work around 3 and we just relaxed and continued to watch Iron Man while discussing what we wanted for dinner. At this time I was timing contractions that were about 5 minutes apart but still irregular. By 4:40 my husband went to pick up dinner for us as well as insisting that I needed a yoga ball to sit on. I told him do not get me a yoga ball because, what he didn't know was, I had just used the restroom and felt a tremendous amount of pelvic pressure. So much pressure that I was unable to sit back on the bed. I moved into the living room to wait for him to bring dinner back. Well 5 minutes later I called my husband (who had not listened and was on his way to get a yoga ball) and told him to turn around because...my water broke! (side note: I had been praying towards the end of my pregnancy that God would allow my water to break. To me that's a tell tale sign of "hey, you're gonna have a baby!") My husband came home and handed me a towel to wrap around my waist as I stood up to get ready to go. All of our stuff was packed so we just grabbed it and headed out the door. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 5 o'clock on a Friday afternoon which meant that traffic was going to be rough. We drove halfway to the hospital with our hazard lights on while I continue to lose more amniotic fluid soaking the towel beneath me and my now dark grey joggers. On the way to the hospital we called our families and texted the prayer warriors that have been praying with me throughout this pregnancy. Everyone was so excited for us! 
Once we arrived at the hospital I walked my soaking booty in the door and into triage. "Are you here to have a baby," the lady at the front desk asked me? "Yes, please" was my response. Like my soaking wet pants weren't a dead giveaway. I was admitted and dilated to a 4. On the way to my room we passed the anesthesiologist, I told him to feel free to follow us into my room. He came in and hooked me up with my epidural which went to work immediately! Now the waiting game began. 
By 4am I was finally dilated to a 10 and it was time to push. I pushed for 2 hours and was not making any progress. Little Jax was not budging. I was tired and knew that I needed more strength. I asked my husband to put on Do it Again by Elevation Worship. I needed that delivery room to really be full of God's presence and I needed some supernatural strength. We then called my mom who was in Michigan and put her on speakerphone having her intercede and pray that Jax would move. I also asked my husband to get his mom from the waiting room and have her come in. I had one Mama praying in English and one Mama praying in Spanish. Jesus was in that place! After 1 more hour of pushing, it was decided that baby Jax would not be able to fit. We made the decision to have a c-section. I was exhausted and I had no desire to be a hero and keep pushing. I wanted a healthy baby over everything. And after 3 hours of pushing, I already felt like a hero. 
Once the decision was made for a c-section everything moved quickly and in a little over 30 minutes we were hearing the little cries of our son. I remember being in the operating room and feeling so much peace. I knew I was about to have major surgery and that the recovery was going to be different but it all was overshadowed by the peace that I felt about the whole situation. God knew that this large little boy was going to have an amazing story and that there was a fight to bring him into the world. 
At 7:37AM on June 17, 2017 our Jax was brought into this world. Words cannot describe the feeling his father and I felt when we heard his first little cries. We are both honored and so blessed to be the parents of this amazing little boy. We pray with him every night and empower him already to be the man of God that he will become. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

What we learned in 1 year of marriage.

When people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest, I always let that opinion go in one ear and out the other. Our first year of marriage hasn't been perfect by any means and how boring would that have been? We have learned a lot about each other and also accomplished a lot together as a team. Here's a few things we learned in our first year of marriage.
1. Always pray with one another. Start the day with prayer and if you stay awake long enough, end the day with prayer together.

2. When needing to use the restroom or the shower check with the other spouse before hand. We only have one restroom so it's important and super nice to double check with one another before we take it over for a while. What happens in the restroom, stays in the restroom.

3. The balance of family and marriage is important. With so many family members, birthday parties, and get togethers it's important to learn to balance everything and to remember that our marriage takes effort and if we don't take the time to put the effort into it then it will become second to everything else.

4. Always communicate. With both of us it's important to keep the communication going even when we find ourselves in a busy week. We have also learned that there are moments when it's ok to pause the communication in order to respond with the right tone and the right mindset. However, the longer you stay angry the worse things will get. Fix it if it needs fixin'.

5. Laugh and laugh a lot. There is a lot of laughter in our marriage. Laughing at ourselves and with each other. Joy in a marriage is important!
6. Serve one another without looking for a thank you in return. I (bee) can have trouble with this sometimes and will look for acknowledgment for things that I have done thinking that I deserve a thank you. Serving one another in marriage is the secret to a great marriage.  I choose to have a great marriage instead of a thousand "thank you's."

7. Trusting God with our story. About 4 months into our marriage God was really speaking to both of us about trusting him in regards to adding children to our family. We were told others opinions and for some reason it just never really lined up with what we were feeling for our future family. We continued to pray about it and put everything in God's hands. Now we sit here today awaiting the arrival of our first born little boy. See, God knew!

8. Work as a team when handling our finances. When we got married we made it a goal to take care of our debt and start fresh together as soon as possible. Thankfully we didn't have a lot and we tackled it within the first few months of marriage. We both believe that not allowing ourselves to accumulate a whole bunch of debt has really freed us up as a couple to bless others around us and also to travel and visit family more.

9. Check in with one another. This may be scary but it also may be insightful. It's good to see if we're doing something that is just really minor but kind of annoying to the other one. For instance, I (bee) will forget to rinse dishes out after eating dinner and then "accidentally" forget to wash the dishes at night so the next morning there are dishes with food stuck all over them. That's a minor check in but was something that was annoying Fabian. I am still a work in progress but I think he will tell you I am getting better.

10. Have fun in your marriage. Don't take everything so seriously. Don't miss memories because of your attitude. Do life with one another because you are better together!

- F & B

Monday, April 24, 2017

Positive Pregnancy- Third Trimester Update

Pregnancy changes a lot. A baby changes a lot. I've known from a young age that I was meant to be a mama. I was aware of the adjustments that came with creating a little family however, I never fully thought of how it would effect my body. I have found myself body shaming and comparing my bump with others who are also pregnant. I've looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "Ugh... I look horrible" or "I feel so fat" or my latest body shaming comment, "I am so wide!"
Over these next 8 weeks (or less... hopefully not more) that I have left carrying my first child, I am making a promise to myself to stop the body shaming. I am going to stop the negative comments I saying and I am going to stop the complaining. Yes, my feet don't fit into anything but Birkenstocks and chanclas. My body temperature has no sense of regulation and can go from cold to burning up in a matter of a minute. I pretty much roll out of the bed or am shoved out by my husband. I've added a couple chins to my face and feel swollen all over. But news flash... I am creating a human!
What a woman's body was created to do is a miracle. The fact that I can feel this little boy inside of me and my body has adjusted to make room for all the growing he is doing is amazing. Over these next few weeks of carrying my son I am going to focus on just being the best mama I can be. And that includes embracing all the extra curves, all my chins, and rocking my Birkenstocks right into the labor and delivery room.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring at the Silos

As I am nearing the end of my pregnancy (1 more trimester!) I am realizing that little day trips may not be so easily accessible in my future. So... that's the excuse I used to take the day off of work and spend it with some of my favorite ladies on a road trip to Waco. We shopped til we dropped at Spring at the Silos. The day was full of people, full of lines, and full of strollers holding shopping bags instead of children. We all had a blast together! We were all able to shop some of our favorite vendors that we follow on instagram and not to mention pick up some delicious baked goods at Silos Baking Co. Thanks to my brilliant cousin Erika for making us lug around a granny flea market type shopping cart. It really did come in handy.

I was so amazed at the atmosphere that surrounded Magnolia Market and the Silos. It was very evident to me that Chip and Joanna Gaines have created something special. There were thousands of people at this event and everyone had great attitudes. All the Magnolia employees were the definition of Southern Charm. I didn't meet one employee that was grumpy or annoyed by the massive crowd. I loved seeing families enjoying time together on the lawn playing with their kids, enjoying food from the multiple food trucks, and strangers getting to know each other by asking where each one had traveled from.

 Enjoy some moments captured from the day.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up [ pancakes, tulips, & bears, oh my! ]

I love to spend my weekends two different ways. The first includes pjs, the couch and plenty of Netflix binging. The second includes family. This past weekend was spent with Fabian's family and from start to finished we filled the day with new experiences, laughter, and good food.
Our sunny Saturday morning started with breakfast at IHOP and ended back at his parents in the evening after the temperature dropped about 25 degrees (we were not prepared for that.) We drove for about an hour to Pilot Point to the most beautiful tulip field. Coming from Michigan, I had been used to Tulip Time every year. Seeing all the beautiful Texas tulips was a bit nostalgic for me.
We enjoyed walking through the aisles looking at all the unique colors and figuring out how to pick them from the ground properly. While at Texas Tulips we saw a sign for a wildlife ranch. We ventured down the street after picking tulips to check out Sharkrosa Wildlife Ranch. I think that's why I love spending time with my in-laws so much. Everything is spontaneous and it stretches me out of my comfort zone (I am a BIG planner). It was really cool seeing all the unique animals they had and being able to feed and pet them. We ended our time at the Ranch with a freezing cold tram ride getting us up close and personal with the wildlife. The whole day ended with pizzas. The perfect Saturday.
Enjoy some moments from our family weekend. (Also, I am aware that Fabian and I match. Let the record show he did get dressed first but I already had my outfit planned in my head. Oh well, we just went with it.)
- F & B

Monday, February 20, 2017

5 Month Bumpdate

23 weeks, 5 months of life for our little Baby V. I am and will always be so amazed at our God of miracles. The miracle of life is just that, a miracle. For God to create a body to create another body just blows my mind. As I continue to read about the development of our baby boy I am so humbled to know that God has chosen me to be his mama. And even more grateful to have such a loving husband and papa to be along side of me during this journey, he has a lot of grace towards me during this season.
Up to now I have had a pretty smooth journey. My bellybutton is in this odd transition that just makes me laugh every time I look at it. My nose has developed superpowers which is a blessing and a curse depending on the scent being smelled. I am fully embracing this double chin that I am rocking and reminding myself that this body won't be like this forever.

I love feeling my son's movements and have even spotted my belly moving from the powerful punches and kicks he gives his mama. He responds to our voices and also any type of music that is playing in the car. He likes to jam alongside of us! And I promise you, this boy already has a solid sense of rhythm. I haven't been craving anything strange however, I do get picky and more specific about my food every now and then. As he continues to grow the time between restroom stops has decreased for me. It's been important to not only know where the emergency exits are at all times but also where the restroom is. Don't get in the way of a pregnant woman who needs to pee.
Time has seriously been flying by, I cannot believe that we're getting closer and closer to meeting our son. To seeing what color his eyes are and if mine and Fabian's curls will be passed onto another generation. To revealing to the world the name that God gave us for our little bear cub. We will continue to await your arrival with so much anticipation!